Will, as sales and marketing director for GTCL,professionally managed our haircare brand within the Saudi retail sector and under difficult surrounding circumstances, enhanced the profile of the brand within designated trade channels through notable increases to distribution, in market sales and value share.
Mike Bingham
Senior International Business Manager at Alberto Culver 2011

Will joined us to pull together an expansion strategy for consumer healthcare and unusually for a consultant was subsequently retained to manage its initial implementation. Will has an excellent knowledge of marketing gained at Unilever and managed our small team of consumer agencies very well.
David Hewitt
Business Unit Director –Schering Plough (Merck) 2008

I first met Will at Unilever where he was a strong business leader but also a strong mentor and coach for his team. Many years later, I hooked up with Will when he was a consultant and had developed his coaching skills further while I was at a crossroads in my career. He has helped me to set a clear direction for myself and my work which I now find much more fulfilling.
Gareth Helm
Brand Director at Moneysupermarket.com 2014

Will has the advantage of combining the brand expertise from one of the world’s major consumer brands companies, Unilever, with the experience of unusual businesses and commercial environments, allowing him to apply his principles for innovation and branding in many different models. On a personal note he taught me the importance of being brave with branding in order to stand apart from the crowd and gain competitive advantage.
Chris Tomkins
Head of Proactive Health AXA/PPP Healthcare 2014